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Presentation Toffolo expansion joint anf finishing profiles for building sites

Welcome is the website of Toffolo Matériaux French manufacturer of pavement joints, tile joints, formwork, joint expansion and other PVC products for construction and public works.

We approach, Development and Manufacture of innovative products for the realization of its elements of masonry: pavement, posts, walls, tiling, the realization and the prepayment of joint expansion.

TOFFOLO MATERIAUX offers you a whole range of output products 40 years of experiment and millions of meters sold in more than 30 countries.
Some of our products, preceded by several international fairs, are approved by the CSTB.

Our strong international presence, our commitment to quality and the availability of our technical support are the foundation of our company's policy.

Tapis d'accueil Toffolo Topwell aluminium et


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Aluminum profile por slabs

Aluminum profile for finish for joint ruler 14/08/2019

NEW! Aluminum finishing profile It slips on the ruler 80 mm (or 40 mm) to offer a premium finish.It is thus possible to combine the first functions of the rule-seal which are those of jointshrink, level guide during pouring with the luxurious finish that offersaluminum. Once drowned, only a visible metallic edge will remain.Particularly suitable for the following uses: urban developments, terraces,sidewalks, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us on 0033 5 59 93 26 55

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Premium Aluminun drain

Aluminium drain 08/08/2019

Aluminum Toffolo drain NEW! Aluminum drain version meets the growing needaesthetic and rewarding products.For example in urban development or onpublic transport platforms (metro, train, bus, etc.)where the drain remains visible. It is compatible with the Toffobase 80 installation support for dry laying (on a 12 mm diameter concrete reinforcing bar). Do not hesitate to ask for more information.

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Toffolo PVC drain fence

Video: Toffolo drain use 13/07/2018

A picture is like 1000 words. Here we show the Toffolo drain working during a storm this winter.

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New 60 mm joint ruler

New product 21/03/2018

The new joint ruler allows to create the retraction joints in the concrete slabs and to answer at the laws. They say that you have to crack the concrete slabs on 1/3 of the thickness so we recommend the use of the 60 mm joint ruler between 15 and 21 cm of thichness

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